Tips and Tricks for Surviving in a Modern World


Tips and Tricks for Surviving in a Modern World

Welcome to the twenty-first century, it’s been waiting for you.
In the After the End duology by Amy Plum, Juneau discovered that WWIII never actually happened- that everything she had been taught to believe was a lie. After living isolated from the modern world for all her life, Juneau has to become accommodated to our current world while searching for her people.
Don’t get us wrong, the girl is a quick learner. But she inspired us to compile a list of some of tips for how to survive in our modern world:

1. Always have a cell phone charger handy.

Even if your phone is at full battery, carry around a charger. Whether it is a car changer, a mobile charger, or the old-fashioned wall charger, have one on hand. Preferably, have all three on hand. Being stranded with a dead cell phone is basically the end of the world as you know it.

2. Learn the acronyms.

Who needs full sentences when you can respond in quick gibberish? If you see a random group of letters, always assume it’s a shortened phrase and not another language. Yes, bae means poop in Danish, but chances are someone is saying they like you.
Quiz time: in two seconds, what does 2BZ4UQT mean? BING. Time’s up. If you didn’t guess ‘too busy for you cutie,’ well then I’m just 2BZ4UQT.

3. Remember, seasons go by much faster now.

A TV season, that is. Humanity has come so far, developing the high tech program we call “Netflix.” Now, watching twelve straight hours of one television program is no longer just a dream, it’s a reality.

4. Keep up with your social media presence.

Everything in your life is news now. What did you have for lunch? How many miles did you run? Is there a baby within 100 yards of your person? Your 700 Facebook friends and 450 Twitter followers need to know.

5. Books are still as important as ever.

Don’t worry, no matter what changes in our world, books shall remain. Because there’s no point of going on without them.
And there you go. That is our concise guide on how to survive in today’s world. Whether you just found out the world was NOT destroyed in nuclear war, or you just need some extra help staying up-to-date, follow these easy tips and you’ll do great!

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