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Top 10 Places To Be Trapped



Top 10 Places To Be Trapped

These are real world places, you guys, no HOGWARTS.
Megan Shepherd’s latest book, THE CAGE, follows six teenagers who are abducted by an all-powerful species called the Kindred and placed into a “human zoo” for observation purposes. Their enclosure has deserts next to forests, Japanese arcades next to French salons, and to keep the human wards happy, the Kindred give them plenty of games, toys, and candy. For some of the kids, it’s a nightmare to be trapped far from home and family. But others soon fall under the enchantment of the cage’s life of luxury and distraction.
Writing this book got Megan thinking, “Would I want to be trapped in the cage? And what other places would I actually like to be trapped in?”

Megan Shepherd’s Top Ten to be Trapped


1. Disney World

A lifetime spent riding monorails between the Animal Kingdom and Cinderella’s Castle? Sign me up! I’d be more than happy to dine in a different restaurant each night in Epcot Center, live on Tom Sawyer’s Island, and ride Space Mountain whenever I felt like it.

2. Sweden’s Ice Hotel

I’ll admit the sub-zero temperatures would be a challenge, but I definitely wouldn’t mind spending some time wrapped up in a reindeer pelt in this hotel carved entirely out of ice, sipping hot tea and soaking in the sauna.

3. Biltmore Estate

I’ve often felt like if the zombie apocalypse happens, I’d head straight for America’s largest house, a castle near where I live in North Carolina. With 35 bedrooms, I could sleep in a different room each day of the month! There is also an indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, and horse stables.

4. Renaissance Festival Fairgrounds

After the fairgrounds close for the season, I could see this being an awesome place to be trapped. Giant turkey legs to munch on and cool old costumes to dress up in.

5. Love Valley, NC

Nestled in the mountains of North Carolina is this quirky tourist attraction that has completely recreated a Wild West town. You park your car far outside the valley boundaries, rent a horse to ride into town, and hang out in the saloon. I could be quite happy trapped here, provided shoot-outs only use fake bullets!

6. Finca Bellavista Treehouse Community

This treehouse village deep in the jungles of Costa Rica provides a welcome escape from the real world. There aren’t many amenities, but I would be more than happy with just birds and monkeys as neighbors.

7. Mall of America

Admittedly, this one might quickly turn into a nightmare, but at least for a little while, I’d have a blast running around in the country’s biggest mall, with unlimited food court snacks, movie theaters, even an aquarium!

8. Natural History Museum

Ever since I read From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, I’ve wanted to be trapped overnight (or longer!) in a museum. I think instead of the Met in New York, I’d rather be trapped in a natural history museum, where I could sleep in the cavemen dioramas.

9. Necker Island

This is Sir Richard Branson’s private island in the British Virgin Islands, which has an enormous luxury guest house, tennis courts, spas, and a helicopter. It normally rents for $60,000/night, so I guess I wouldn’t mind being trapped there.

10. In an elevator with Chris Hemsworth

I don’t think this one needs explanation.

How about you? Where would you like to be caged? Let us know on twitter using #YOURCAGE for a chance to win an ARC of THE CAGE!

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