Top Ten Reasons to Read Katie Cotugno’s Top Ten


Top Ten Reasons to Read Katie Cotugno’s Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons to Read Katie Cotugno's Top Ten
Welcome to the most meta of Top Ten lists! TOP TEN is the funny and sweet new novel from Katie Cotugno about two friends who often create top ten lists so obviously we created this list of top ten reasons why you absolutely need to read TOP TEN!

Top Ten Reasons to Read Top Ten!


10. No one can resist a good listicle

You wouldn’t be reading this right now if you could! So TOP TEN is the perfect read because each chapter of this book represents one of the top ten most important moments in Ryan & Gabby’s friendship, jumping around in time during their high school years.

9. They’ve had a “will-they-won’t-they” thing going on… for four years

We love them as friends, but we also love the idea of them as more-than-friends! Aghh, we just really want them to be happy.

8. The ups and downs in their friendship will keep you on the edge of your seat

On their top ten list are moments like the first time they met, the time they stopped speaking to each other, that time they almost hooked up, that time they definitely hooked up, and so many more (okay maybe like 6 more) that we won’t spoil for you!


7. It’s by bestselling author, and all-around charming human, @KatieCotugno!

After TOP TEN, we highly suggest going on a binge read of Katie’s previous novels, HOW TO LOVE, 99 DAYS, and FIREWORKS, if you haven’t checked them out already. And you’ll definitely want to be best friends with Katie after watching this adorable video where she talks about her favorite ‘90s trends:


6. This book will help you step up your shelfie game

Have you heard us mention those endpapers? Look how cute they are! And according to these pictures you can’t have fun unless you’ve gone bowling 800 times.

5. Lots of swoony romance!

Gabby and Ryan don’t just spend their time secretly pining away for each other. They each have serious relationships with other people with plenty of moments that will leave you going “awwww.”


4. Adorably nerdy Monopoly nights every Friday at Gabby’s

C’mon, who doesn’t like to geek out with a good board game?

3. This unlikely friendship will definitely make you smile…

These two have mastered the art of flirty banter and the way they tease each other will melt your heart. Just check out this gem of a conversation:

Gabby: “More than two of any animal is hoarding behavior. I mean, I say that now. You can ask me again when I’m seventy and living alone in a mansion somewhere with my hundred ferrets.”

Ryan: “All named after famous photographers, and which you dress up for holidays in little ferret clothes.”

Gabby: “Okay, maybe paint a little less of a picture, how about.”


2. …and maybe make you shed a few tears

There are some tough fights and quite a few heartbreaks but don’t worry, we’ll all get through it together!


1. You need to find out if this boy and girl will be just best friends… or more 😉

You’ll never guess how this book plays out so order your copy now and we guarantee that reading it will make your list of TOP TEN best decisions.


About Top Ten

Perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen, Jenny Han, and Morgan Matson.
Ryan McCullough and Gabby Hart are the unlikeliest of best friends. Prickly, anxious Gabby would rather do literally anything than go to a party. Ultra-popular Ryan is a hockey star who can get any girl he wants—and frequently does. But somehow their relationship just works; from dorky Monopoly nights to rowdy house parties to the top ten lists they make about everything under the sun.
Now, on the night of high school graduation, everything is suddenly changing—in their lives, and in their relationship. As they try to figure out what they mean to each other and where to go from here, they make a final top ten list: this time, counting down the top ten moments of their friendship.

Are you as excited as we are to finally have your hands on the love story of the season?! Tell us in the comments below! And you can find out more about TOP TEN here!
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