Create a Travel Bucket List and Get a Soaring New Book Rec!


Create a Travel Bucket List and Get a Soaring New Book Rec!

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August 19 is Aviation Day, which is pretty awesome, so we decided to gather up just a few of the great YA books that focus on flight! Flying is so exciting, not to mention super badass, and YA characters similarly love it because it’s so freeing. The history of flight has impacted so many people: not only did it allow for people to travel to places quicker and cheaper, but it also allowed us to change social ideas such as women and people of color proving time and time again that they deserve equal rights (such as the WASPs and the Tuskegee Airmen during WWII).

But travel is also exciting because you get to meet new people and learn about different cultures. Since it’s finally summer, it’s the perfect opportunity to throw a dart at a map and jet off to an exciting new destination, whether it be in real life or in our book-reading imaginations.

In honor of Aviation Day, take the quiz to create a travel itinerary and receive a high-flying book to read for the fun holiday! Make it as realistic or imaginative as you’d like—the sky’s the limit.


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