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Kendare Blake Reveals Three Secrets About Two Dark Reigns


Kendare Blake Reveals Three Secrets About Two Dark Reigns

September is just around the corner and you know what that means…time to gear up for the emotional rollercoaster that is reading Kendare Blake’s bone-chilling, jaw-dropping, ridicilously  epic Three Dark Crowns series! We cannot wait to find out what happens next to all of our Fennbirn favorites (and least favorites *cough cough GENEVIEVE cough cough*) in Two Dark Reigns.

We’re STARTING to get used to Kendare leaving us shaken to our core at the end of these books (the twist at the end of Three Dark Crowns basically re-defined book hangovers forever). But the world of Fennbirn as we knew it was seriously turned upside down at the end of One Dark Throne (need a reminder? Check out this reaction recap of One Dark Throne), and now we just don’t even know what to expect for our three favorite deadly triplets in book #3. Luckily, we got Kendare to spill some secrets about what’s in store after the jaw-dropping events of the last book!


Three Secrets about Two Dark Reigns

OK…so that doesn’t put any of our greatest fears to rest, as we know now that island of Fennbirn, no one is safe! But it does give us all kinds of things to look forward to when we can finally get our hands on this book.
Pepper’s back! Arsinoe’s taking on the patriarchy! BUT a long-dead blue queen is going to wreak havoc from beyond the grave—as if undead queens weren’t already causing enough drama on Fennbirn (looking at you Katharine). In either case, you better believe we’ll be blocking off the month of September to read and then recover from Two Dark Reigns.

What are you most excited to find out in Two Dark Reigns? Tell us in the comments below!

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