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The Full Two Dark Reigns Trailer Will Leave Your Jaw on the Floor


The Full Two Dark Reigns Trailer Will Leave Your Jaw on the Floor

The Full Two Dark Reigns Trailer Will Leave Your Jaw on the Floor
All right, people, we’re in the home stretch. We’re just one week out from the release of TWO DARK REIGNS—the third (and second-to-last!) book in Kendare Blake’s epic dark fantasy THREE DARK CROWNS quartet. And today we’re freaking out, because we have the gloriously foreboding trailer to get us all ready for the drama that’s about to go down.
Normally, at this point we would attempt to provide a brief refresher of the events from the previous book, but this series always manages to end on earth shattering cliffhangers that need no refreshers. Instead, let’s take a moment to revisit the teasers we’ve released!

Snake Queen

Also known as “the video with the GIANT SNAKE encircling the crown.” We’re going to go ahead and take this as a sign that our favorite poisoner Katharine (and her undead… predecessors?) have no intention of scaling back the ruthlessness. And then…


We had the crown snatch heard ’round the world. THE DRAMA IS COMING, Y’ALL.
But now the official trailer is here at last, and things are really falling into place. And by falling into place, we mean signaling that the insanity at the end of ONE DARK THRONE was only the beginning. And things are getting darker than ever before:

Two Dark Reigns | Official Trailer


Is this referring to the Blue Queen we keep hearing about? Jules?! Some entirely unknown character Kendare is going to hit us with in one of her signature twists?!?! CAMDEN?!
We’re personally rooting for Camden, but preparing for the utter shock and emotional devastation that we love most about this series. You’ll have to wait until TWO DARK REIGNS goes on sale to figure out who the fourth queen is, but if you can’t wait that long, have no fear. You can start reading a sneak peek right now!


Are you ready for the insanity of TWO DARK REIGNS?! Let us know your theories below!
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