What Type of YA Revolution Would You Join?


What Type of YA Revolution Would You Join?

What Type of YA Revolution Would You Join?

Since the dawn of YA, revolutions have been a genre staple. Whether our fave rebels have found themselves facing down tyrannical governments in dystopian futures, demon kings in faraway lands, or just the standard status quo of smalltown high school, these characters have inspired us to speak up, step up, and believe that our voices are meant to be heard. And, hey, is there a better time to embrace this fight for ideals than around Independence Day?

We teamed up with Barnes & Noble to bring you a bunch of great and daring reads that celebrate the YA revolutions that have come and gone. From hometown heroes to new recruits to rebel leaders, we’ve selected all the young adult books that inspire and make us want to pledge our allegiance. You can check them all out here (and in your local B&N stores, so be sure to snap a pic for us!), and scroll down to find out what kind of revolution you would be a part of!


What Revolution Would You Join?




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History Makers


Hometown Heroes


Changing the World


Rebel Leaders


New Recruits

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