Veronica Rossi Live Chat Recap



Veronica Rossi Live Chat Recap

Earlier today, we had the pleasure of video chatting with Veronica Rossi – author of the UNDER THE NEVER SKY series! We (and fellow Tiders) chatted about her inspirations, BROOKE, that berry scene and Veronica even read a scene from INTO THE STILL BLUE!
Watch the replay below, but first –– here are some interesting facts about Into the Still Blue!

Five Things That Might Surprise You About INTO THE STILL BLUE:

1.)     It was the fastest book of the trilogy to draft. (Revising is another matter.)
2.)     Roar has a tattoo along his arm/shoulder and you get to see it. (And I believe you will very much enjoy seeing it.)
3.)     Soren.
4.)     One (or more) main characters might be captured and imprisoned by the bad guys. Maybe.
5.)     I rewrote the last chapter more than any scene in the entire novel until I was finally, finally perfectly happy with it.

Highlights from the event:

––> Veronica reads a smexy scene from INTO THE STILL BLUE!
––> Veronica drops a secret!
––> Will there be an UTNS movie?
Watch the full version with the chat over on Spreecast here!


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