Ten Times Watson and Holmes Stole Our Hearts


Ten Times Watson and Holmes Stole Our Hearts

Ten Times Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes Stole Our Hearts
Step aside Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, ‘cuz a new Watson and Holmes are in town and they have TOTALLY stolen our hearts! Brittany Cavallaro has put a modern spin on the Sherlock Holmes stories with her witty and brilliant series that started with A Study in Charlotte and now continues in The Last Of August
When Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes, teen descendants of the famous original duo, get wrapped up in a murder mystery at their boarding school, they naturally team up to solve the crime. They tease each other, annoy each other, but are also really sweet together and every interaction between is giving us life! So before you read The Last of August, let’s take a look back at some of the quirkiest and most precious moments of Watson and Holmes in A Study in Charlotte!
When Jamie appreciates Charlotte- Even in Her Most Sherlockian Moments
When Charlotte turns her powers of observation on Jamie, he’s always a good sport about it, as shown in this exclusive new deleted scene from the A Study in Charlotte trailer! This is definitely one of our favorite moments between Charlotte & Jamie!

And When He Admires Charlotte like 24/7

Jamie grew up hearing stories about the incredible Charlotte Holmes, so when one of their classmates is murdered and Charlotte is a prime suspect, he has a whole list of pretty adorable reasons why he couldn’t ever suspect her, including:
I’m a Watson, it’s genetically impossible for me to suspect you or, In my imagination, you weren’t ever a villain, you were always the hero.”
That Time Their Flirting Game Was On Point  

We need no further proof than this conversation:
Charlotte: “You should tell your therapist that rugby does nothing whatsoever to alleviate your very real anger issues.”
“Not my therapist. My school counselor.”
She hid a smile. “All the same. You really should take up boxing, or fencing—”
“Fencing? What century are you from?”
“—or solving crimes.”
“Are you prescribing me your company, Doctor?”
“Detective, you can read me like a book.”
When know each other better than they know themselves 

“You should trust me more often you know. I am the world’s foremost Jamie Watson scholar.” We’re totally stealing this line from Charlotte anytime anyone questions us!
When They Bicker Like An Old Married Couple (And We Love It) 

Charlotte: “I can read your thoughts as if they were printed in block letters on your forehead. Really, sometimes you think so loudly that I can hear you in the next room.”
Jamie: “I’m so sorry to hear about your unfortunate telepathy.”
When They Literally Just Can’t Deny Their Growing Feelings For Each Other 

“It’s because you care,” she said. “About nearly everyone. It’s remarkable, really, but in this instance, it clouds your judgment. It’s why I try to avoid sentiment.”
“That’s heartless,” I said, stung. All this time, had I been nothing more to her than someone to carry her bag?
“I said, I try to avoid it, do keep up.”
And When They Told Each Other Their Iphone Passwords and We Knew It Was True Love 

Jamie is surprised to find out his birthday is the code to unlock Charlotte’s phone, so she responds in typical Holmes fashion by both complimenting and insulting him at the same time:
“If someone can get their hands on my mobile, I’m either dead, or close to it. In any case, you’re the only other person I’d want to use it. So I thought I should choose a key code you can remember.”
That Time They Gave The Original Duo A Run For Their Money

And How They Always Bring Out The Best In Each Other 

“He is lovely and warm and quite brave and a bit heedless of his own safety and by any measure the best man I’ve ever known. I’ve discovered that I am very clever when it comes to caring about him, and so I will continue to do so.”
And Finally, When We Found Out They’ll Be Traipsing Around Europe Solving Crimes Together in The Last of August

“Do come home soon. It won’t be London without you.”
“You never knew me in London,” I said, smiling.
“I know.” Holmes looked down at me with gleaming eyes. “I intend to fix that.”
The Last Of August paperback is out now and we are *SO* excited about it! Check out this extended trailer clip and fall in love with Watson and Sherlock all over again.

Read the first two chapters of The Last Of August here and don’t forget to add The Last Of August To Your Goodreads shelf! 

What are some of your favorite Watson/ Sherlock moments? Tell us in the comments below!

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