What are your favorite adult books?


What are your favorite adult books?

For this week’s Tea Time with Team Epic Reads, we will be discussing CROSSOVER BOOKS. Ohemgee what’s crossover? Crossover is a 100% publishing term for books that defy their target demographic and are suitable for a variety of audiences. Basically, a crossover in the YA world is a teen book that adults will love and vice-versa: an adult book that teens would love.


1. Adults: What are some YA books you love?

2. Teens: What are some adult books you love?



Adult book that’s great for teens: NEVERWHERE by Neil Gaiman

This is such a fun, fantasy adventure that takes place in “London Below” that any teen fans of Cassandra Clare, Terry Pratchett, Melissa Marr and Neil Gaiman (duh) would love.


Teen book that’s great for adults: THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak

Everyone should read this book. Seriously. EVERY SINGLE PERSON EVER.


Give us your crossover recommendations in the comments below and your comment could be read during Wednesday’s Tea Time webcast!

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