What Are Your Favorite 'New Adult' Books?



What Are Your Favorite 'New Adult' Books?

TRUE STORY: I don’t know much about the new adult genre. In fact, HarperTeen has only published one, I repeat, one new adult series: Crash, Clash and Crush by Nicole Williams. (Which are awesome and you should totally read them by the way.)

But just because I don’t know anything about the genre doesn’t mean I’m not interested in diving into its depths and discovering all of its buried treasures. This is where you come in. YOU, being an experienced reader of new adult books, should share your expertise of the field and recommend your favorite books in the comments below.
Here are the ones that I’ve seen mentioned the most, but I’m really leaving it up to you to compile and craft this list! Let’s aim for 30 books, cool?
Help me put together a recommended reading list and together we can help educate and inform the masses about this new and epic genre. For a complete list of all NA books out there, check out!
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So, what are your favorite new adult books? Share your recommendations below!

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