What Are Your Favorite YA Retellings?


What Are Your Favorite YA Retellings?

We need your help, book nerds –– the last time we enlisted your help in a big, we made The United States of YA and this time we want to dive deep into the world of YA retellings. So it’s time to enlist your help once more so we can create an even bigger, more expansive chart!

We need your help. Here’s how:


1.)     We’re categorizing retellings into 4 buckets:

-– Fairy Tales
-– Shakespeare
–– Mythology
–– Classic Lit
So think back to your favorite retellings and determine which category they would fall into.

2.) Head to the comments below and list out your recommendations, IN THIS FORMAT:

Title of Book by Author Name – Name of Book it is Retelling – Category
Example: Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson – Peter Pan – Classic Lit
In the meantime, we’ll start building out the design (this one will look cool, dudes) and will hopefully unveil it in the next week or so. So, THANK YOU for all your recommendations and your generous help!

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