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What Have You Used as a Bookmark?


What Have You Used as a Bookmark?

The world’s most irritating dilemma: not having a bookmark to mark your place while reading. Okay, maybe it’s not the most irritating dilemma in the world but it’s definitely up there, probably a step or two above chicken pox. In any case, if you do find yourself between a book and an impending engagement (hardy har, do you see what I did there?) here’s a list of some completely acceptable alternatives (thanks to our Twitter followers for these suggestions!):

Your cat’s tail

This is a tricky one to make work but if you’ve got a cat with some low personal boundaries, you’re all set. If the sucker moves around, well then continue to some of the following options.


The tissue in your pocket

Tissues are like the most abundant sanitary wipe there is. Just don’t quote me on that. Anyway, chances are there’s a tissue within a five foot radius of your position at all times. And hey, bonus, you’ve also got something to wipe up your tears when the feels come on too strong.


Your left sock

“Who needs two when you can have one.” – Anonymous. I don’t remember who said that but I’m like 95% sure someone did so just yank off one of those feet warming cloths and drop it between the pages.


A hundred dollar bill

Cash money bookmark y’all. Word is that if you actually do this, Fancy by Iggy Azalea spontaneously starts playing in the background. And, hey, if you’re not a Kardashian, a bill of lesser value works just as well.


Mother Nature

She will always provide you with eco-friendly, socially acceptable bookmarks such as blades of grass, leaves, and flower petals.


Empty chip bag

Don’t deny it. We’ve all done this at least once or twice in our reading careers.


Your library card

Use it or lose it! Just don’t lose it because that would suck.


A spoon

A knife would probably be better because you know it’s flat and all, but a spoon will do just fine. Just fine indeed.


Important documents

Your diploma, prescriptions, deeds to your house or car, wills, that guy’s phone number from last night. Did you know? All of these can be used as bookmarks! Huzzah!


Remote control

Obviously reading and marking your place is infinitely more important than changing the channel. I dare you to disagree.


Or you could always use this:


What have you used as a bookmark? Tell us in the comments below!

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