Prepare to Have Your Heart Stolen by These ‘What If It’s Us’ Bookmojis



Prepare to Have Your Heart Stolen by These ‘What If It’s Us’ Bookmojis

Prepare to Have Your Heart Stolen by These 'What If It's Us' Bookmojis

If you’re reading this, then CONGRATULATIONS! You survived October 2nd, AKA the day that a million new amazing books entered the word, and, maybe most important the day that What If It’s Us hit shelves! The YA universe as we know it is still trying to recover from all of the feels we’re currently feeling.

It’s romantic! It’s funny! It made us shed at least a few tears as we fell in love with both Arthur and Ben and tried to guess whether their love story would end happily or in heartbreak.

If you want to know whether these two crazy kids end up together, you’ll have to read the book. Actually, you can start right here. But if you want to share the feels with your group chat, you’re in luck! We’ve created some Bookmojis that perfectly capture the romantic and hilarious aspects of this read, and you can download them right now!

Take a look below and get ready to share all the feels—bc yes, we currently are.


Introducing: What If It’s Us Bookmojis!



  • New York City: The land of possibilities. The love of your life may be waiting around the next corner! But if not, a coffee shop definitely is, so you win either way!


  • Arthur and Ben’s meet cute has been officially immortalized in emoji form—and it gives you the perfect message to send your crush after you run into each other at the bookstore!


  • For, you know, those times when you make it to the bookstore on release day and find your next read. Or meet the other half of your real life OTP. Or find a takeout brochure, just as you were thinking how badly you don’t want to cook dinner…

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