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All the Secrets and Hidden References You Missed in What If It’s Us


All the Secrets and Hidden References You Missed in What If It’s Us

What if… Adam and Becky’s latest book was full of Easter eggs for readers?!

That’s right! Not only did Adam and Becky team up to write the witty, heartfelt, let-boys-fall-in-love rom-com of our dreams—they also filled it with secret jokes, hidden references, and shout outs to their friends that we dare any fan of YA to try to find. Because if you thought you couldn’t love this story anymore, prepare yourself. Some of these Easter eggs are hilarious and some are just straight up adorable—but would we expect any less?!

If you haven’t finished What If It’s Us yet, hurry up! It’s already been on bookshelves for over two weeks!! And then come back and watch this adorable video of Adam and Becky revealing all their secret hidden messages within the book.


All the References You Might’ve Missed

Could they be better best friend #goals? We don’t think so. Check out a recap of all the Easter eggs in What If It’s Us below—then go back and see how many you can spot in the re-read! Because yes, we know, it’s inevitable, it will happen.


What If It’s Us: Easter Eggs



1. “Date Zero: What Arthur calls his and Ben’s failed first date, which is also a nod to Adam’s first book, More Happy Than Not! The first section is called “Part Zero.”

2. Love, Simon: That’s right! Ben and his ex went to go see one of our favorite adaptations of all time—the movie based on Becky’s epic debut novel, Simon vs.!

3. The most awkward father/son moment of all time? Ben’s dad works at Duane Reade, a New York City drug store, and discusses witnessing a scene that is ALSO from Adam’s book History Is All You Left Me. And the scene? Griffin and his dad bumping into each other… both buying condoms. BRB, awkwardness overload just thinking about it.

4. Angie Whaley: This character is a mashup of two epic authors and friends, Angie Thomas and John Corey Whaley!

5. Best friend homages are included, too! Both Arthur and Ben’s book BFFs are modeled after two of Becky and Adam’s real life author BFFs. Dylan is based on author David Arnold, and Jessie was inspired by author Jasmine Warga!

6. Café Arvin is named after Down and Across author Arvin Ahmadi.

7. The Bray-Eliopulos Files are also the names of Adam and Becky’s editors IRL!

8. Arthur and Ben’s initials: Becky and Adam pulled a little switch and gave the characters they wrote each other’s initials! We hope you’ve already met Arthur Seuss (A.S., as in Adam Silvera) and Ben Alejo (B.A., as in Becky Albertalli).

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