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What Is Your Magonia Name?


What Is Your Magonia Name?

You look like a Svilken Quel to me. In Maria Dahvana Headley’s book, above the clouds, there is a land called Magonia and in this land in the air, there are squalwhales singing our strange weather patterns and warring skyskips in the clouds. There are also people there with highly unusual and unique names. Names like Aza, Milekt and Zogon. So what is your Magonia name? Use our handy chart below to find out!
Magonia Book Name Chart

  • Veronica Roth’s Magonia name is Aza Tali
  • Neil Gaiman’s Magonia name is Jik Quel
  • John Green’s Magonia name is Milekt Baj


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So, what is your Magonia name? Tell us in the comments below!

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