What Percent Hero or Villain Are You?


What Percent Hero or Villain Are You?

What Percent Hero or Villain Are You?

Who doesn’t love morally ambiguous characters exploring the gray area between being a hero or villain?! With developing insane superpowers and battling alien takeovers, the Gone Series by Michael Grant is filled with characters doing whatever it takes to save the world… or destroy it. In the series grand finale Hero, one group of teens will find out once and for all if they truly are the heroes of their own story.

But first it’s time to find out how much of a hero or villain YOU are with the quiz below!


What Percent Hero Are You?


About Hero

The mind-blowing conclusion to the Monster trilogy and the final installment in the Gone series from science fiction and fantasy master Michael Grant is perfect for superhero and Stephen King fans alike.

After the fall of Perdido Beach dome, a new set of humans developed mutant powers from the rock infected with alien virus. They are the Rockborn Gang: Dekka, Shade, Cruz, Malik, Armo, and Francis. With their superpowers, they have defended the earth from other rockborn who used their powers for evil, like Dillon Poe.

When another rock carrying the virus strikes New York, a new foe, Bob Markovic, rises with a horrifying and nearly unstoppable ability. Markovic’s unending ambition and lack of a moral compass made him unbearable before the virus. And that was before he was a swarm of plague-ridden insects, with the power and means to take over the city—and maybe the world.

As the Rockborn Gang try to defeat their latest villain, they will find themselves on morally gray grounds and have to make tough decisions if they want to save the world.

In this pulse-pounding finale to the saga more than ten years in the making, Michael Grant delivers an unforgettable conclusion while asking: What does it take to be a hero?

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