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What's Your Carve The Mark Name?


What's Your Carve The Mark Name?

What's Your Carve The Mark Name?
One thing we can agree on is that the names in Carve The Mark are out of this world. After we saw Veronica’s Carve The Mark pronunciation guide we decided that we were in desperate need of of a Carve The Mark name. If you’ve ever wanted a name made up of 98% consonants then you’ve come to the right place. Use the name generator below to figure out what your name would be if you lived in the world of Carve The Mark, everyone’s doing it!
Carve the Mark Name Generator
It’s day 9 in our #CarveTheMarkCountdown celebration – our seventeen day long event where we’re giving you with exclusive Carve the Mark content every day until the release of Carve the Mark, Veronica Roth’s new spacetastic YA novel, on January 17, 2017!
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So what’s your Carve The Mark name? Tell us in the comments below!

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