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What's Your 'Oz' Name? Use This Generator To Find Out!


What's Your 'Oz' Name? Use This Generator To Find Out!

In honor of the upcoming release of DOROTHY MUST DIE by Danielle Paige, we want to know what your ‘Oz’ name is! Use the “generator” (like we have time to build something fancy) below to find out and let us know in the comments!
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Dorothy Must Die OZ Name Generator from Epic Reads


What day were you born?
1. Dorothy
2. Glinda
3. Mobi
4. Ozma
5. Glomora
6. Billina
7. Pinkie
8. Pompadore
9. Galinda
10. Azkadelia
11. Tik-Tok
12. Rinkitink
13. Winkie
14. Sindra
15. Jellia
16. Nessarose
17. Evamene
18. Evanora
19. Elphaba
20. Melena
21. Frexper
22. Fiyero
23. Sarima
24. Chistery
25. Almira
26. Evillene
27. Pastoria
28. Scoodlers
29. Lulea
30. Zixi
31. Espa


What’s your zodiac sign?
Aries — Gillikin
Taurus — Pumperdink
Gemini — Thropp
Cancer — Pinagree
Leo — Finkle
Virgo — Memoria
Libra — Quadling
Scorpio — Kimabloo
Sagittarius — Hurrydole
Capricorn — Flutterbudgets
Aquarius — Ruggedo
Pisces — Skamperoo


So, what’s your #OzName? Tell us below or tweet it to us @EpicReads! (And once you find your name, check out Dorothy Must Die!)


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