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What's Your YA Name? Use This Generator To Find Out


What's Your YA Name? Use This Generator To Find Out

Okay, so it’s not really a generator because ain’t nobody got time to build that, but if you’re a code wizzzz and want to build one for us, go right ahead.

How To Use The YA Name Generator

It’s really, really complicated.
1. What’s the third letter in your first name? Find that letter below (choose either the girl name or boy name), that’s your FIRST name.
2. What’s the second to last letter in your last name? Find that letter below, that’s your LAST name.
3. Tell us what your YA name is in the comments below!


A – Katniss, Peeta
B – Tris, Four
C – Bella, Edward
D – Hazel, Gus
E – Aria, Perry
F – Juliette, Warner
G – Clary, Jace
H – June, Day
I – America, Maxon
J – Katsa, Po
K – Saphira, Eragon
L – Valentine, Ender
M – Rose, Dimitri
N – Cassidy, Ezra
O – Lola, Cricket
P – Alaska, Miles
Q – Puck, Finn
R – Elisa, Hector
S – Celaena, Chaol
T – Elliot, Kai
U – Cassia, Xander
V – Aislinn, Keenan
W – Alina, Darkling
X – Nora, Patch
Y – Karou, Akiva
Z – Remy, Dexter


A – Haloway
B – Kingston
C – Youngblood
D – Murry
E – Ravenwood
F – Bane
G – Everdeen
H – Bat
I – Prior
J – Waters
K – Avery
L – Moreau
M – Dyer
N – Cahill
O – Grayson
P – Maddox
Q – Healey
R – St. Clair
S – Keely
T – Templeton
U – Singer
V – Delacroix
W – Laroche
X – Chase
Y – Sage
Z – Bell

What’s your YA character name? Tell us in the comments below!

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