Which Rising Booktube Star Should You Watch?


Which Rising Booktube Star Should You Watch?

Which Rising Booktube Star Should You Watch?
Take this quiz and find out which lesser-known-but-equally-awesome booktube channel you should subscribe to! We crafted this quiz to match you with an up-and-coming booktuber based on your reading preferences!

What is booktube? (A quick summary in case you found this post by accident.)

Booktube is like regular Youtube but with significantly more awesome people. It’s a fun, positive, safe community of your fellow *book shimmying* book nerds who post videos of themselves reviewing books, giving bookshelf tours, doing book hauls, book tags and skits and a whole lot more. Basically it’s the greatest thing to happen on YouTube since [insert your favorite video here.]
If you’re already subscribing to booktubers, you’re probably following the big channels (Sasha, Christine, Kat, Jesse, oh…and us 😘) but who else should you follow? We rounded up six of favorite emerging booktubers that have less than 20k subscribers that you should definitely subscribe to.
Go ahead and give this quiz a try and see who you get paired with!

Which booktuber did you get? What other booktubers should we be watching? Hit us up with your favorite channels in the comments below!
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