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Which Suitor Should Eadlyn Pick in The Crown?


Which Suitor Should Eadlyn Pick in The Crown?

Which Suitor Should Eadlyn Pick?
In The Heir, a new era dawned in the world of The Selection. Twenty years have passed since America Singer and Prince Maxon gave us the ship to sink all other ships, and their daughter, Eadlyn, is the first princess to hold a Selection of her own.
Princess Eadlyn didn’t think she would find her true love among the Selection’s thirty-five suitors. But now she must make The Ultimate Choice (no pressure) in The Crown.
Who do you think Princess Eadlyn will choose? Let’s dish on some of our faves! (PS–If you’re wondering what’s with the dolls, this video will help clear things up for you.)


Kile Woodwork

  • Total cutie, for sure. Has the Boy Next Door (or Boy In The Castle) appeal.
  • Talk about a fairy tale ending, too: marrying the person you’ve known since childhood? It could be fate.
  • Is it too easy, though? Do you think Princess Eadlyn would be interested in more of a challenge? Only time will tell . . . .


Ean Cable

  • He went in confident, which you know Eadlyn respects. Weakness = nah.
  • Definitely a stud, knows how to present himself.
  • Do Ean and Eadlyn have the “it” factor? Not sure. He might be too cocky for her, and we all know the spotlight belongs to the princess.


Henri Jaakoppi

  • Every girl loves an accent. Even a princess.
  • He’s totally into Eadlyn. He defended her from the wild crowds during the parade, swatting away anything that tried to hit the princess. Talk about a knight in shining armor! #chivarlyisnotdead
  • But not gonna lie, the language barrier is an issue. If Princess Eadlyn can’t speak openly with Henri, will they ever connect?


Hale Garner

  • Totally charming, totally poised, and comes from an elite family.
  • Proving himself to Eadlyn every day is one of his goals—swoon! And knowing Princess Eadlyn, this is probably a good strategy, since she’s not one to enjoy complacency.
  • Still, no one is that Is he really in this for Princess Eadlyn, or is he after something else?


Holden Messenger

  • He’s sympathetic to the pressure placed on Princess Eadlyn, which no one else really acknowledges.
  • Super polite, polished, and knows his manners – all qualities required for royalty.
  • Is he super memorable? I’m not sure. But he could be a quiet, solid support for the Princess.


Fox Wesley

  • Tan, blonde, handsome, and a good team player. What’s not to like?
  • His easygoing nature compliments Princess Eadlyn’s more, uhm, ardent behavior.
  • Fox retaliated against Burke, which was not a great show of his emotional control. But was it impressive to the Princess that he stands up for himself? Or does he come across as a hothead?


Who do you think Eadlyn will choose? Vote now!

Who do you think is the best choice for Princess Eadlyn? Tell us in the comments! We will all find out when The Crown is available on May 3rd!

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