Which YA Horror Novel Are You?


Which YA Horror Novel Are You?

Take the MESSENGER OF FEAR quiz and find out which YA horror novel you are!
If you aren’t currently aware of which horror novel you actually are (because you are one, you know) then you should probably take this quiz to find out! This quiz was inspired by MESSENGER OF FEAR the new creepy, thriller from Michael Grant, author of that creepy, thrilling Gone series!
Here’s what you need to know about MESSENGER OF FEAR: Mara Todd wakes in a field of dead grass, a heavy mist pressing down on her. She is terrified, afraid that she is dead. She can’t remember who she is or anything about her past. Is it because of the boy that appears? He calls himself the Messenger of Fear. If the world does not bring justice to those who do evil, the Messenger will. He offers the wicked a game. If they win, they go free. If they lose, they will live their greatest fear. Either way, their sanity will be challenged.
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