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Who Is On Your Apocalypse Dream Team?


Who Is On Your Apocalypse Dream Team?

Who is on your fictional apocalypse dream team? Via EpicReads
So the world is about to end and you only have a couple of hours to assemble your perfect apocalypse team with five fictional characters – who would make the cut?
I ask this because I think about it a lot (like, an unhealthy amount of my time goes into thinking about this) and I decided that this is who would be on my team:

Darla from Ashfall by Mike Mullin

She’s basically a teenage prodigy when it comes to all things farming and engineering. Need to hotwire that tractor in the middle of the field? Yeah, she can do that faster than it would take you to Google it.


Lynn from Not A Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis

She can hunt, she can purify water, she can basically save your ass because while you were too busy reading books, she was defending herself and her home against animals, attackers and nature.


Sam from Gone by Michael Grant

Hot Hands Sam is perfect because not only can he ward off zombies or mutants or aliens or baddies, he can totally roast that squirrel Lynn just killed and skinned.


Kira from Partials by Dan Wells

You’re going to get hurt in the apocalypse. That’s a straight up fact. Once you’ve accepted this, you’ll want to add a character with medical training and who better than Kira?


Hector from The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson

You need someone loyal, someone you can trust when the world you as you know it ceases to exist. It will also come in handy if that person is a skilled fighter and commander of an army. That person, for me, is Hector. (PS – You’ll also want someone around you can swoon over.)


So, who would be on your apocalypse dream team?


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