Why Librarians Save Lives


Why Librarians Save Lives

Librarians are some of Mike Martin‘s favorite people ever. Why? Many reasons, but here’s the main one: THEY ARE FRAKKIN SUPERHEROES.
This video, which was recorded at the Public Library Association 2014 conference, features interviews with some truly wonderful people (including John Green’s “fairy godmother,” Ilene Cooper). It has a couple surprises at the end, too…. 😀

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About Mike’s book:

The End Games, T. Michael Martin’s stunning debut novel, both horrific and profound, takes place in rural West Virginia after a zombie apocalypse.
Seventeen-year-old Michael and his baby brother, five-year-old Patrick, have managed to stay alive by following the Instructions of a mysterious Games Master. They spend their nights fighting the Bellows, grotesque, flesh-eating creatures.
But the brothers may not survive much longer. The Bellows are evolving. And the others in The Game don’t always follow the rules.
The thrilling plot twists and intense action scenes are combined with insights into human nature and environmental devastation, creating a fresh and unforgettable novel.

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