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Do You Actually Hate These YA Book Tropes?


Do You Actually Hate These YA Book Tropes?

We felt our hearts begin to race. A breath we didn’t know we were holding loosed itself as we opened the quiz, asking for our opinions on the tropes we see in some of our favorite books. The corners of our mouths quirked up. “YA book tropes, huh?” An unnatural calm settled over us, at once strange and familiar. “Time to let them know what we think.”
So, as people who have read multiple YA books, you’ve probably realized that, love them or hate them, there are some tropes that pop up from time to time. But we don’t actually mind some of them. Some, when they’re pulled off the right away, can actually work pretty well! But we wanted to hear from y’all! Which book tropes bug you the most?
Scroll through and vote which tropes you love, and which ones you loathe!

Do you actually hate these YA book tropes?


Which tropes are your least favorite? Let us know in the comments!
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