Which YA Characters Would You Bring Back to Life?


Which YA Characters Would You Bring Back to Life?

Which YA Characters Would You Bring Back to Life?

If you haven’t heard, Heidi Heilig’s For a Muse of Fire series is a vivid and dangerous fantasy world of cultures clashing, rising rebellions, and mysterious magical powers surfacing. In book two, A Kingdom for a Stage, main character Jetta is a wanted criminal (there may have been a tiny act of treason that might have involved murdering someone who definitely deserved to be taken down) who’s caught in the middle of the war because of her power to trap and control wandering souls. This ability could be used as a weapon and is also pretty convenient when it comes to resurrecting certain people from the dead…

Because authors are cruel (but we still love them!), there have been MANY character deaths that completely destroyed us. Inspired by Jetta’s powers, we created a ranking below so that you can tell us which YA characters you would most want to bring back to life if you could!

Don’t worry, we’re not soulless creatures who would spoil major character deaths!

On the front of the cards below are just the names of books. BUT, on the back is the name of the character that died in that book—so if you haven’t read the book and don’t want to be spoiled, DO NOT CLICK THE CARD TO FLIP IT!

YOU’VE BEEN WARNED. Now go resurrect the dead!


Who Would You Resurrect?



About A Kingdom for a Stage

Caught in a war between the rebels and the invading colonizers, Jetta must make an impossible choice—save her people or protect her sanity.

Jetta is a wanted criminal. The army wants her for treason against the crown, for the sabotage of Hell’s Court temple, and for the murder of General Legarde. They also want her for the power in her blood—the magic that captures wandering spirits to give life to puppets, to rocks, to paper… to weapons. They’re willing to trade the elixir that treats Jetta’s madness for the use of her blood. The rebels want her, too, to help them reclaim their country. Jetta may be the one who can tip the scales in this war.

But Jetta fears using her power will make her too much like Le Trepas, the terrifying and tyrannical necromancer who once held all Chakrana under his thumb—and who is Jetta’s biological father. She’s already raised her brother from the dead, after all. And scared off Leo, the only person who saw her as she truly is. With Le Trepas at large and a clash between the army and the rebels becoming inevitable, Jetta will have to decide if saving her country is worth sacrificing her soul.

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