Take the Official YA Fantasy Placement Test!


Take the Official YA Fantasy Placement Test!

Forget the SATs, it’s time to take the FPTs! We’re here to help you live in a YA fantasy world!

So, we all know those tests that analyze your strengths in an attempt to tell you what to study in college and maybe even what job you should have afterwards. But what would those results be like if we were living in a YA fantasy world?
In the gorgeous fantasy novel THE QUEEN’S RISING, Brienna has studied for years to master one of five subjects, called passions, in order to gain a patron and secure her future. But when her seventeenth summer solstice arrives and she fails to win over a single patron, Brienna’s life takes an unexpected turn and she ends up entangled in a dangerous plot to help overthrow the king. This book will seriously make you swoon, and gasp in shock, and cheer for Brienna and her band of outcasts!
If you need proof, we’ve got you covered. You can read the first three chapters here!
And if you’re anything like Brienna and aren’t sure what you should be studying, take this placement test to find out which fantasy subject is best for you!


Take the Test for Living in a YA Fantasy World!


Are you destined to be royalty, or something more like an assassin? Let us know where you would fall in your favorite YA fantasy world!

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