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20 Young Adult Fantasy Worlds We Want to See Collide


20 Young Adult Fantasy Worlds We Want to See Collide

Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve been binging so many incredible books lately. Or maybe it’s the sheer imaginative force that these authors bring to the fantasy worlds they create. Or maybe we just have the epic STORMCASTER reunions and INFINITY WAR on the brain! Who can say? But lately we’ve been thinking how epic it would be if YA featured crossovers like the type we saw in the movies or on TV.
Which books would we want to see crossover? Which fantasy worlds would work off each other, making both that more awesome?! Well, pretty freaking many of them.
Because we are very stubborn book nerds who like having fun with this, we decided to test it out and see what we came up with. Scroll through and feast your eyes on what would be a truly epic series of YA crossovers!!

Fantasy Worlds We Want to See Collide


1. A Court of Thorns and Roses & The Cruel Prince

Can you imagine the epic world of A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES with the fast-paced, morally gray, complex politics of THE CRUEL PRINCE?! It would be insane to see Rhys and his inner circle going toe-to-toe with those fighting for the throne of Elfhame. We can’t even begin to imagine who would come out on top, but action, drama, and subtle plot twists would make this for one crazy crossover worth reading.

2. The Shattered Realms & The Witchlands

Both of these series have such intense, epic, high-stakes action, that alone is enough to get us excited. But add in the themes of rebellion and badass (but endangered) secret powers just waiting to be revealed, THE SHATTERED REALMS and THE WITCHLANDS are two worlds that could crossover so easily and give us such incredibly awesome results! Not to mention it would throw all of our favorite ships from each series into a tail spin…

3. Six of Crows & Generation One

Considering the main characters in GENERATION ONE become known as the FUGITIVE SIX, it only felt right to pair them with SIX OF CROWS‘s iconic crew. The teens in Pittacus Lore’s newest series have their own powers, so we think they could hold their own against whatever threat the Grishaverse threw at them, but what we really want would be for the Dregs to help them take down whoever’s coming after them. Either way, this would be the heist adventure to end all heist adventures, and we are so here for it.

4. An Ember In the Ashes & Children of Blood and Bone

Um, both of these are just so freaking epic, how could we not?! AN EMBER IN THE ASHES continues to rip our hearts out with every twist and turn, and the world of CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE is so lush and realized that we really felt like we could live in it. This crossover would absolutely be about the maji (Zélie included, obv) teaming up with Laia, Elias, and Helene to restore the magic and light to both of their worlds, taking down the Nightbringer, and then riding lionaires around, carefree and happy. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THESE CHARACTERS DESERVE!!

5,. Everless & Red Queen

Superpowered elite, meet a magic system with roots in two warring goddesses. The idea of EVERLESS and RED QUEEN‘s worlds mashing up is just giving us such an epic image, and we know that certain characters (*cough* Maven *cough*) would side with the wrong power, setting off even more conflict. Plus, the possibility of a Mare and Jules team up? Maybe a Kilorn / Ina ship? What more could we ask for?! Okay, maybe Evangeline sassing everyone around the Everless estate, but we can definitely have it all. Although knowing these two authors, not everyone would make it out alive…

6. Carve the Mark & The Queen’s Rising

We need to just take a moment and imagine how… incredible… this mashed up world would be. The level of detail, the creativity, the intricacy in both THE QUEEN’S RISING and CARVE THE MARK are just so fantastic that we would get lost in any combination of them. And having Brienna, Cyra, and Akos all caught up in each other’s efforts to overthrow tyrants is the rebellion story we NEED! This would be one patriarchy-shattering crossover.

7. Throne of Glass & Lady Midnight

We don’t even know where to start… the demons, maybe? THRONE OF GLASS‘s Erawan would be a terrifying opponent for any SHADOWHUNTERS to take on. Oh, and then there are the fae—can you imagine Maeve and the Seelie Queen plotting together, using the Riders of Mannan?! They would absolutely ally with Erawan, and you know the witches still have his back. Add in the fact that both of these epic series are ensembles and you might have the greatest cast of all time. AND THE SASS. Magnus Bane and Celaena would match wits like nobody’s business. It actually might all be a little too overwhelming. We need to lie down for a minute.

8. The Young Elites & Three Dark Crowns

The Dagger Society and the Rose Society would throw the politics of Fennbirn Island into pure chaos, and we would sit back and love watching (reading?) the show. THE YOUNG ELITES and THREE DARK CROWNS both feature characters with a varying degree of powers and morals, and watching them go head to head would be incredible. Obviously in this crossover, the Arrons would try to hire the Dagger Society to secure them the throne, only for the Temple to recruit the Roses. The ensuing Adelina vs. Katharine showdown alone would be a battle of powers, mind, and wits for the ages.

9. The Lunar Chronicles & Heart of Iron

Both THE LUNAR CHRONICLES and HEART OF IRON are rooted in space-set retellings, but both stories become so much more epic than you would ever guess. And the cast in both remains so optimistic, so determined, so… quippy… even when the stakes are set impossibly against them—this would truly be an out of this world team up. Do you think Cinder and co. could help the crew of the Dossier bounce back after that heartbreaking cliffhanger?! Because we do, and we are ready for them to take on—and save—the universe!

10. Shatter Me & The Darkest Minds

Both of these worlds are so dark, gritty, and epic that we are obsessed with imagining them crossing over. Depending on when it was set, Ruby would absolutely team up with Juliette to help take down the Reestablishment, and we can already imagine Warner accidentally acting all protective and big brotherly to Zu. THE DARKEST MINDS and SHATTER ME might both be brutal dystopias, but putting all these characters together, we trust they could save both worlds. With plenty of laughs, encouraging speeches, and romance to go around.

What YA series would you love to see crossover?! Let us know in the comments!
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