How Would You Get Betrayed in a YA Novel?


How Would You Get Betrayed in a YA Novel?

How Would You Get Betrayed: Quiz

From the halls of Constance Billard to the courts of Norta and Faerie, betrayal is inevitable in the worlds of YA. In all literature, really. But that knowledge, knowing that betrayal could be lurking around any corner, is the kind of dark tension that makes these stories fun. And as readers, we like to think that knowing these stories well would make us impervious to their mechnications.

Obvs, that’s not true.

If you were a character in your favorite YA novel, just how would you be betrayed? Take this quiz and find out if your best friend, true love, or someone more truly wicked is behind it.


How Would You Get Betrayed?




What fate did you suffer? Let us know in the comments!

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